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Aparthotel” Olympus Plaza” offers its gusts a unique swimming pool with salty water

The swimming pool with salty water is an awesome, relaxing place, where you can relax your soul and body. The salty swimming pools offer many benefits for health, which vary from relaxation of the skin to decreasing the stress levels. They are perfect for those, who are looking for something more than an ordinary swimming pool and want to rest properly. We shall make you familiar with the five main benefits for the health:

1. Exceptionally healthy for the skin

The salty water is very good for the skin. It may leave your skin smoother and softer. The salty water acts like a natural moisturizer and exfoliant, increasing skin ability to absorb the moisture.

2. Properties against stress

We are more and more frequently exposed to stress, fatigue and tension in the hurried rhythm of the nowadays life. When we are under stress, the active functionality of the bodies decreases and this leads to unproductiveness of the very personality. The salty water assists for the natural process of relaxation of our body, as it leaves us a sensation for refreshing and charging after each swimming.

3. Alternative of the gym

Exercises are important for our general health. The swimming pool with salty water allows us to train in more tranquil atmosphere that the one, which is offered by the traditional gym. The swimming in a pool with salty water helps you concentrate on your breathing, which is something we forget to do when we try to burn calories in the gym.

4. It operates favourably to the joints

The swimming in a swimming pool with salty water strengthens and improves the joints and muscles. The salty water contains bromide, a mineral, which assists relieving the daily pains and painfulness, which we all feel deep into the joints and muscles during any kind of activity.

5. It does not have side effects

Some people are sensitive to chloride and have difficulties with breathing when they swim in an over-chlorinated swimming pool. The chlorine also may redden and irritate your eyes by the chemicals inside. However, the swimming pool with salty water shall not leave your eyes red and your lungs irritated.

We look forward to seeing you at our hotel in order to create your unforgettable story!

The sea salt has alkaline action, which helps for regulation the acidity level in the organism in natural way. The minerals, which contain in the salty water, influence the nervous system favourably, saving you from fatigue, sleepiness and weakness. The sea salt is a well-known antiseptic and disinfectant, which helps in the struggle with different types of allergies. Except for this, the sea salt dissolved in water strengthens completely the immune system, which is important for the struggle with the colds during the autumn – winter period. As early as the time of the ancient civilizations people have found the healing properties of the sea salt and have taken advantage of them to the maximum. One of the most popular „grandma’s” treatments with a cold is namely putting the feet into salty water.

If you want to stir after the tough working day and take care of your health in parallel, then the swimming in our salty swimming pool is the best choice. This pleasure is offered in Kranevo by the newly opened, luxurious Aparthotel Olympus Plaza ****.

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